Winmed Nordic

Excellence in the distribution of medicines
and medical devices in the Nordic countries

We develop our business with dedication, commitment, loyalty, agility and creativity

We adapt to the needs of our partners in order to achieve their objectives. Simplicity and efficiency

We provide added value and seek solutions to any challenge

Hospital and pharmacies (retail) tender management


WINMED NORDIC and WINMED SPAIN are part of a group of companies distributing medicines and medical devices to hospitals and pharmacies in Spain and the Nordic countries

WINMED NORDIC is a Danish company founded on extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical sector. With a presence in all four Nordic countries, our activity consists in the distribution of medicines and medical devices in hospitals through tenders and distribution to pharmacies

WINMED NORDIC distributes generic medicines exclusively manufactured in Europe, allowing manufacturers to introduce their products and brands in hospitals and pharmacies in the Nordic countries

Nordic – a growing market


Million inhabitants


of the total Nordic population in 2040 will be 80+

Average life expectancy is increasing in all four Nordic countries

Existence of environmental impact regulations

Benefits for our partners

  • Activate and profit from your dormant MAs
  • Let Winmed front you as your Nordic operation's unit allowing you to leverage on our lean and specialised infrastructure
  • Full reach to all pharmacies and hospitals in all four Nordic countries


  • Complete and effortless access to the entire Nordic market
  • Full control of price management and price strategies in the different markets
  • First class supply chain including warehouse and wholesaler agreements
  • Full access to market information and insight in all market mechanism
  • Direct contact with local authorities of Nordic Countries
  • Hospital tender management
  • Properly accommodated storage infrastructure
  • Assistance with local regulatory requirements
  • Other services, on demand

A growing market, which is strategically important

A consolidated distribution network

Specialized professionals

Knowledge of and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry

Specialised pre-wholesale warehouse. Handling of controlled substances


Official distributor of:

  • One of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic states
  • Specializing in generics mostly for the hospital segment
  • Key products: life-saving medicines, especially in the CNS and cardiovascular therapeutic group
  • The company complies with the EU GMP requirements


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